July 5, 2004 Volume 1 No. 10 activeimage.ca

Move With A Mission

This past weekend I was at an annual Celebration of Life BBQ to commemorate a friend's second chance at life after almost losing it. What a joyous occasion! Imagine how full and blessed your life would be if you could live every moment to the fullest!!!

Enjoy the newsletter and have a Blessed Week!!

Cathy Morenzie

"So one thing I want to say about life is don't be scared and don't hang back, and most of all, don't waste it."

~ A Gathering of Days by Joan Blos

It's easy to waste something when we don't know the value of it. We sometimes overlook the value of being alive and having the opportunity to leave our mark on the pages of time. Today is the day to get started with living your life and living it right. Create a mission statement for your life and commit to making it a reality so that you are guided in your decision-making.

God did not create you to wander aimlessly through this life so stop living your life as if it's the dress rehearsal! Commit to being your best, living healthy and adding some value to the lives of others. This world ought to be a better place because you are a part of it so make sure that when you step up to the plate you're on the offensive, ready to attack and ready to conquer!

~ Nadia C. Thomas



Having amazing abdominal muscles may make you the envy of everyone on the beach but they play an even more important role in your body. Your abdominals are at the core of everything you do. Walking, running, coughing, sneezing, bending even breathing!! Unfortunately, many of us save our abdominal routine to the end and often run out of time or mental focus to properly perform them. Your abdominal muscles are the power house of your body -- necessary to perform almost every movement.

Here are some other benefits of strong abs.:
1. Reduces the likelihood of back pain episodes.
2. Provides protection against injury by responding efficiently to stresses.
3. Improves athletic performance
4. Provides necessary support during weight training
5. Improves posture

Here are some tips to effectively train your abdominal muscles:

Abdominal exercises should be added to your program three to four times a week.

The abdominal muscles run in a variety of directions and serve a variety of functions so perform a variety of exercise and use a variety of training modalities such as medicine balls, Swiss balls, tubing, pilates, isometrics and yoga.

Don't over-train - this only leads to poor posture and muscle imbalance

Your back muscles should also be trained with abdominals to maintain balanced posture and musculature.

There are literally hundreds of exercises you can choose from based on you time availability, your musculature, your goals and your own physical abilities or limitations. For a complete abdominal routine that meets your needs call Active Image at (416) 410-8517.


Enjoying Everyday Life

Ask yourself if you currently enjoy your everyday life -- the Monday to Sunday and then back to Monday aspects of your life. If you answered no, take a look at some of the things that are stealing your joy! It may be certain people in your life, financial situation, work schedule, poor health or even your own inability to say "No" that is zapping your energy.

Enjoying our everyday life starts with a decision to do so! Choose to start enjoying the mundane things like cooking, cleaning, car pooling and paying bills as well as the fun stuff. Once you've made the choice then start looking at the "joy stealers" and make up your mind to start working on them. If it's your health then make a plan to start getting more sleep, eat better or drink more water. Seems like small things, but they can make a big difference in your coping abilities.

Try keeping a daily gratitude journal – take note of life's simple pleasures like a hot shower or a cup of coffee or tea. You'll soon see that life is full of many enjoyable moments that you may have just overlooked.

This week challenge yourself to discover or rediscover all the joys in your life!!!!

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