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Exercise your Body, Mind and Spirit

Exercise is great for your body, mind and spirit. Just 30 minutes a day is small investment for such a huge return !!

Enjoy the newsletter and have a Blessed Week!!

Cathy Morenzie

Keep Enduring!

"He conquers who endures."

Success in any venture comes by hard work, perseverance and sacrifice. Unfortunately, many of us fail to reach our potential and for various reasons choose to settle for mediocrity. We're unwilling to hold on for the long haul and so we only manage to see our dreams become a fraction of what they should be.

Expand the boundaries of your imagination and release yourself to experience the joy of accomplished dreams. The very fact that you awoke this morning indicated that God had qualified you for the race; it's now your job to turn this opportunity into triumph. Do not live your life musing over the things that might have been, get out there and make every single goal a reality. I dare you to endure to the end!

~ Nadia C. Thomas


What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a normal variation in the skin that gives it the appearance of "dimpling" or an orange peel look that many women get on their thighs. buttocks and hips.


It is important to stress that cellulite is a normal human variation. There is no specific cause or treatment (contrary to the all the advertisements). Being overweight doesn't cause cellulite – there are many slim people with cellulite, while many severely obese people show no signs of it.

The same rules apply for managing cellulite as many other self improvement strategies. These strategies will help to maintain your weight so that the cellulite won't be as noticeable:

a) Do not allow yourself to get dehydrated – be sure to drink enough fluids.

b) Avoid excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, high fat foods

c) Make sure your diet includes enough fiber. (30 grams a day is a good target)

d) Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

e) Avoid smoking

f) Exercise regularly

g) Find effective ways of managing stress

There is no known cause of cellulite nor how to eliminate it. A healthy diet and toned muscles seem like reasonable approaches to keeping the body as taut and smooth as it can be. Like many other quick fixes, don't believe the hype – there is no proof that surgical procedures, dietary supplements, expensive creams or elaborate massage techniques work.


Exercise for Better Mental Health.

Aside from many of the other positive benefits of exercise; studies also show that exercise brings about both short- and long-term psychological enhancement and mental well-being. These benefits include :

  • improvement in self-confidence
  • relief of tension and feelings of depression
  • positive changes in mood
  • increased alertness
  • clearer thinking
  • positive coping strategies.
  • you feel less tired, which can increase mental alertness.
  • you sleep better.
  • more energy, which can make you more productive at home and at work.
  • look better which can also improve your confidence
  • improve your overall mood

So just how can exercise claim to provide all of these benefits? Research suggests that there is a chemical reason why exercise improves mental and emotional health.

  • Exercise, according to one theory, releases beta-endorphin, a natural substance in the body that may cause the natural "high" that runners and other aerobic enthusiasts enjoy. The body releases these endorphins after only 12 minutes into the workout.
  • Another theory points to serotonin as the cause of the exercise "high." A result of aerobic exercise, increased levels of serotonin in the central nervous system are associated with feelings of well-being, increased appetite, and decreased mental depression.

So... treat your body and your mind to some exercise today. !!!!!

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