Aug 24, 2004 Volume 1 No. 16

I had the opportunity to hear the best selling author, Robin Sharma speak this past weekend. One of his most powerful statements for me went like this "on the other side of your fears lives your biggest life -- so run towards your fears." I challenge you to run towards your fears -- dare to take a risk every day and get ready to live your biggest life!!!

Cathy Morenzie

"Every time you meet a situation, though you think at the moment it is an impossibility and you go through the tortures of the damned, once you have met it and lived through it, you find that forever after you are freer than you were before. "

~ Eleanor Roosevelt, humanitarian

"The biggest personal defeat suffered by human beings is constituted by the difference between what one was capable of becoming and what one has in fact become."

Ashley Montagu

"The greatest tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live"

Norman Cousins



Beyond Weights

So you've been lifting weights for a while now. Maybe you've even been lifting all of your life. If so, you've noticed that once your body reaches a certain strength it plateaus. In order to continue to reaching your goals you will need to make organized progressive changes to your routine as outlined below. This process is called periodization.

To begin, start with the end in mind -- what is your overall fitness goal? This may be anywhere from a few months (increasing your strength) to a year or more (competing in a body building competition) . Once you've determined your overall goal, you should break it into smaller goals (monthly or quarterly) where you will be working on various components such as strength, endurance or size. Finally break those goals down into specific weekly or daily workouts. This will help to maximize your results.

For a less sophisticated way to break your plateau or slump, try changing one of the following in your routine:

  • types of exercises you perform
  • order of exercises
  • resistance or load
  • number of sets per exercise - decreasing your sets works too!
  • number of exercises per muscle group
  • number of reps per set
  • speed of movement
  • rest periods between sets
  • number of training sessions per week
  • diet
  • type of routine - split routine, supersets, drop-sets, circuit training

Remember, this is only a guideline. For more information on routines, exercises and specific program, please call Active Image at (416)410-8517 or email @


Can you think of at least one thing that you've always wanted to do? What's holding you back? I have a list about a mile long. If you are like most of the population, your first answer (whether you admit it or not) is fear. There are hundreds if not thousands of self-help books that are written to help up us overcome our fears over everything from public speaking to spiders. So I'm about to make myself a bit more vulnerable and share one of my fears as I go through this exercise with you.

Take a moment and ask yourself these questions: (come on, give it try)

What is one of your dreams that you fear doing?
Cathy :Speaking on a radio program.

What's the worst thing that can happen to you?
Cathy: I can get all of words muffled or worse yet not know the answer to a question and sound like an idiot!!

What's the best?
Cathy: Have someone really famous hear me speaking and get hired as their wellness consultant.

What are 3 steps you can do today to start making that dream a reality?
Cathy: brainstorm a lead/contact list, write down a list of stations where I would like to speak, call a few friends (to commit myself, to get their encouragement and more ideas)

Even this small exercise has made this dream a little less intimidating and a bit more real. So here is my first step in running towards my fears (with butterflies in my stomach) !!

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