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I had lunch with a friend on Saturday after a hectic week. He was wonderful company but I found that I was not able to be fully present with him. All I could think about was the sleep that I desperately needed, the other things that I should be doing that were more important than ‘lunching’ and my next appointment which I was already late for. After I very self-righteously shared all that I had been through last week, he gave me some revolutionary advice -- just say NO! I quickly surmised that he just simply couldn’t understand my plight, but after thinking it through, I am starting to believe that he is 100% right! Life’s too short to waste it speeding through life going nowhere fast !!!

Cathy Morenzie

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

~ Unknown

We spend most of our time and energy trying to get everything to work as we would like it to. We pressure ourselves and our families to fit into the perfect molds we’ve created for them and are most devastated when they come up short. We even go as far as telling God exactly how we’d like each situation in our life to unfold and we are thrown off guard when nothing goes as we have planned.


Carbs.- Good or Bad ?

The answer is both. Some kinds of carbohydrates promote good health while others, when eaten often and in large quantities, may increase the risk for diabetes and coronary heart disease. Also, we often tend to eat the wrong types of carbs. Carbohydrates come in two basic forms: complex and simple. Simple sugars are easily identified by their taste – sweet; they include fructose (fruit sugar), sucrose (table sugar), and lactose (milk sugar). Complex carbs, such as potatoes, are pleasant to the taste buds, but not sweet and include vegetables, whole grains, peas, and beans.

The body requires a continuous supply of carbohydrates which are the major source of fuel for the body’s cells and the only source of energy for the brain and red blood cells.

However, excess carbohydrate consumption is associated with many health problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

Here are some steps to use carbohydrates to optimize your health.

  • Complex carbs with lots of fibre should be consumed in proper proportion for maximum health and vitality- these are mainly whole grains
  • Consume at least 25 grams of fibre per day
  • Consume some protein at every meal to slow the rate at which carbohydrates enter your bloodstream.
  • If you’re craving sweets after a meal, you probably consumed too many carbohydrates -- adjust your intake at the next meal
  • Consume a good source of fat such as olive oil or fish oil
  • Don’t forget those 8 cups of pure water per day
  • select unrefined foods such as fruits, vegetables, peas, beans, and whole-grain products, as opposed to refined, processed foods such as soft drinks, desserts, candy, and sugar

Carbohydrates can be part of a healthy daily eating plan. As with everything else, remember moderation is the key!!!

The real truth is that we have limited control over anything and anyone in this life and the sooner we accept that reality the quicker we can get on the business of enjoying life to its fullest. In order to make the journey worthwhile we must throw off the rigid coats we wear which prevent us from being flexible to change and believe that if we let go and let God everything will work out for our good and His glory. I dare you to live life without any reservations and trust that when you give life 100% you will reap the benefits along the way.

~ Nadia C. Thomas



Balancing Life’s Responsibilities

 Drive the kids to soccer practice, make delicious and nutritious meals, run household errands, spend quality time with your spouse, visit family, attend social functions of family and friends, go to the gym, meet with long lost friends for lunch, go to the dry cleaners, shop for a present for the birthday party, go to the hairdresser, attend a meeting , book the doctors appointment, go to church, fulfil your volunteer commitments and help kids with their homework. And all this in addition to a full day’s work!

If you’re anything like me, you would have to admit that all of this self-imposed pressure comes from a drive to be perfect; the desire to ‘have it all” or perhaps “be it all” which stretches us to the max. We are always on the run, trying to keep all the balls juggling while never taking the time to enjoy life because we are so tired and stressed.

And if like myself you’re tired of going all the time and not fully experiencing life then join me in taking these steps to get your life back. (I plan to start with baby steps)

1. set some limits and boundaries – say no
2. make a point not to add more to your “to do” list
3. look at why you’re having trouble saying no -- guilt, fear of rejection, wanting to be “nice”, wanting to be perfect, control issues
4. choose one activity per day that will force your to slow down ( take a bath, sit on a patio, read a book (non-work related)
5. cut out the simple carbohydrate foods that leave you feeling drained

At the end of the day, what will matter most in my life is not how many things I got done in my to-do list; It will be the quality time I spent with my child, my friends and my family. I’m ready get out of the express lane and take the scenic route. Join me !!!!!!!

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