June 15, 2004 Volume 1 No. 7 activeimage.ca

What's stopping you from living your life to the fullest? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Lack of a goal? This week we encourage you to take a long walk outside, soak up the sun and be consider the wonderful journey that you are participating in- that journey is your life..... so enjoy the adventure !!!!

Enjoy the newsletter and have a Blessed Week!!

Cathy Morenzie

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other."

~ Douglas Everett

There are some days when you wake up and you just want to crawl back to bed, pull the covers over your head, turn the telephone off and fade away from the world but you know that it won't work. So why are so many people are hiding under the covers and refusing to wake up and be a part of life?

The rays of hope creep through your windows every day and invite you to come out and play for there is nothing to be achieved in the bed of safety. You must rise up and greet the day with a renewed zeal and enthusiasm. Don't drag your feet, suck your teeth and resent the day that has unfolded for this may be the day that makes all the difference in your tomorrows. Get out there and bathe in the sunshine for every day is a new opportunity to renew your mind and set the wheels of life in motion.

~ Nadia C. Thomas



Take a walk in the sun!

Did you know that when you run, you're pounding the pavement with three to four times your body weight? Ouch!

Do you know which burns more calories: running a kilometre or walking a kilometre? The answer: unless you're walking slowly enough to also be eating an ice cream, you will burn about the same number of calories!

When most of us decide to start a fitness program, full of enthusiasm and energy, we tend to want to take a dramatic step such as joining an expensive health club or training for a marathon -- walking just isn't sexy, is it? However, it ranks as arguably the best form of exercise because almost everyone can walk, it doesn't require expensive equipment (well O.K., there's the shoes!), it can be done at any time, at any intensity and there are amazing health benefits.

But walking can be so much more than just a "healthy thing to do"! Your body doesn't know whether you're walking barefoot on a sandy beach looking out over a turquoise sea or striding along on a $3,600 treadmill wearing $200 Nikes! Your head will know... and your spirit! We all need to retreat from the real world from time to time – to take time for ourselves, get away from the daily pressures. Walking can heal the troubled mind and restore the spirit; how can you not feel good about the world and yourself on a sunny day walking in the park surrounded by lush green trees and grass with the scent of lilac in the air?

Once walking becomes a habit, you carry that happy feeling with you every time you walk, even if the weather isn't co-operating and you have to make do with the treadmill at the "Y". If you have a treadmill at home, make using it into a pleasant experience; watch tapes of your favourite shows or listen to lively music. Using a pedometer motivates some people and the "10,000 step" program has become popular.

Make a mid-year resolution today to take advantage of the great weather and get outside and walk!

Happy trails!

Sheila Paterson
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Are there activities that you dread doing? Taxes? Washing dishes? Chances are that, regardless of how you feel, you still have to do them anyway! And just like smoking and weight loss, you can break the bad habit once you commit to changing. When you do, you'll increase your productivity and accomplish things you never thought were possible. Try these tips to get through these perceived painful activities with minimal discomfort.

  • Commit to performing the task for just a few minutes -- once you get started you will usually finish it
  • Add some fun your routine -- make it into a game (we do a 1-minute tidy by putting away as many things as we can in one minute)
  • Do the things you dislike most first... then its all uphill from there
  • Enlist some help -- call a friend to exercise with you, talk on the phone while you are washing the dishes or get a study buddy
  • Plan ahead ... spend 5 minutes each day to make a to-do list and a schedule -- be sure to schedule the unpleasant activity first
  • Change your attitude about the tasks -- try listing alternative thoughts that will help you accept the situations with a more positive attitude (i.e., find "meaning" in them)
  • Instead of focusing on how you'll feel doing the work, focus on how you'll feel when it's finished.

You may or may not get over your dread of performing certain tasks but getting them completed will increase your effectiveness, productivity and peace of mind!

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