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What's your motivation for change? Positive healthy motivation, healthy attitude and healthy goals yield positive results! Whether it's your exercise or financial goals- choose what works for you. Remember that there is only one expert who knows what's right for you ...and that's you !!!!!

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Cathy Morenzie

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

~ Mark Twain

Remember all the decisions you made about your health, fitness, family life, work and school ? Too often we conjure up lists of "things we would like to achieve" and then we allow them to fall by the wayside, only to look back later and say, "I could have done it."

The beauty of life is that you have the opportunity everyday that God grants you breath, to recommit to your goals and dreams. Use each day wisely; review those goals you set earlier this year; focus on making them a reality and don't ever quit!

~ Nadia C. Thomas


Somatotyping...Whats your Body Type

To get the most from our exercise programs, we need to know to which of the three basic body types we belong: endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph. Each of these has specific characteristics that respond best to different types of workouts.

Type Ectomorph Endomorph Mesomorph
Physical characteristics Tall and thin. Thin chest small hips, petite (Prince) Strong bones, soft, round, curvy appearance (Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce) Athletic appearance, medium to large frames, wide shoulders (Madonna)
Metabolic characteristics Fast metabolism. Slow muscle gains Slower metabolism. Likely to carry a little excess body fat Can gain and lose weight easily
Training Tips Weight loss comes easy. Naturally fit. Will benefit from weight training-work compound exercises- squats, push ups Naturally strong. Quick to gain muscle.- isolation exercise for individual muscles, lateral flyes, bicep curls, need lots of cardio Responds well to both resistance and aerobic training
Training negatives Slow to gain muscle. Too much cardio. can cause weight loss Finds it difficult to lose weight.Needs to work on fitness. Can become over trained quickly. Variety is the key

In choosing your exercise routine, always consider your preferences since you are more likely to stick with an activity that you enjoy. Of course any physical limitations have to be considered; for example, running might not be a good choice if you have lower back pain or arthritis.

Once you've made the commitment to begin a program, contact a fitness professional for assistance in determining training guidelines such as frequency, intensity, type and duration (time). This is know as the FITT principle .

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Change for yourself

Any goals that you set should come from a sincere desire to change for yourself. Research has shown that negative feelings are a frequent cause of relapse in behaviour-change programs, and resolutions that feel like punishment can cause negative feelings.

All resolutions should be perceived as positive changes that will help you reach optimal health and well-being. Don't decide to change to please anyone other than yourself.

And remember, resolutions are an opportunity for you to look forward in a positive way rather than to punish yourself for past behaviours.

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