Jan 11, 2005 Volume 2 No. 1

Happy New Year! And what a happy time it is. Time to start afresh, plan new goals, review the past year, and set new challenges. This year you can look forward to receiving our newsletters every other week. We hope they help you to remain motivated and committed to yourself in the new year and throughout the entire year. Please help me to promote fitness and health by taking a moment today and forward my newsletter to 5 people who you think would benefit from the newsletter as much as you do.

Enjoy the newsletter and have a Blessed Two Weeks!!

Cathy Morenzie

"Dreams are renewable. No matter what our ages or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."

- Dale E. Turner

Believe in your heart that you have something unique to offer the world and get on the task of fulfilling that purpose. You are pregnant with potential and chances are you haven't even begun to tap into the depths of it. It is never too late to start something new or embark on a new challenge.

Your potential to create and innovate is infinite, let your desire and commitment be equally so. Know that everyday is an opportunity to take a step towards your goals but you must stay focused. Commit to bearing good fruit and sharing it with the world because there is someone out there waiting for that unique gift you have to share. Be encouraged and determined to leave a lasting legacy on the pages of time for all that is remembered when we are gone is the impact we have made on the lives of others.

~Nadia C. Thomas



Ready, Set, Go For It!!!

If you're anything like me, you've probably relaxed your standards over the holidays. You've eaten a bit more and exercised a bit less than you wanted to. So now its time to re-start your program and probably a good idea to update previous routine.

Follow these steps to kick off your new years fitness routine:

    1. Review your previous goals
If weight loss is your goal then:
Do cardiovascular activities at least 4-5 times per week as well as resistance training.
If you goal is muscle toning or firming:
Do resistance training exercises @ 2-3x per week completing 1-3 sets at 12 to 15 repetitions.
If building muscle bulk is your goal:
Do resistance training exercises @ 3-4x per week completing 3-6 sets at less than 10 repetitions
If stress busting is your goal:
Nothing beats your feet for walking, along with some relaxing stretching exercises.

    2.Then block off the time to exercise
.When scheduling your exercise: try to maintain some consistency in your routine (6:30 am 3x per week), try to recruit a workout partner for accountability and motivation, treat this time as important as you would any other appointment.

Remember to take baby steps! Once all the hype and emotion of the New Year has faded your lofty goals may not seem as appealing. Just remember that each step you take towards reaching your goals with help you in the long run. Avoid the urge to over-do it in the first week or two -- this can lead to injury, muscle soreness or burnout. This is another step in your lifelong journey towards excellent health and fitness.

    Other tips that may help:
Maintain an exercise journal or workout card
Seek the advice of a certified trainer -- it can save you time, money, frustration and potential injury in the long run.
Pack your gym bag the night before and put it at the door

Ready, Set, Goals!!

I'll try not to bore you with the traditional goal setting chatter that usually accompanies the new year. For me it's an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and design the life that I long for. It's my time to dream; to cast off some more of my inhibitions and surrender to my fears.

After years of frustration with New Year's Resolutions, I now look at each of the significant areas of my life and purpose to do one thing that would have a positive impact on my life when done consistently. My categories include:

Health and Wellness
Family Relationships
Personal Challenges

Choose whatever categories will fit your lifestyle. The goal is to keep growing. Let your life be a legacy that your children and your children's children will be proud of.
I encourage you to set goals that allow you to reach your highest potential, that give your life meaning and purpose and that make you feel grateful and blessed to be here on this earth at this particular time.

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